What's A Military Ball Like?

July 13, 2018

What's A Military Ball Like?

Have you ever wondered what a Military Ball is really like?

Let us show you the ropes and tell you how to make an unforgettable evening!

So picture this, you’re getting ready to go to your first military ball.

You’ve spent the past day methodically polishing your medals, shining and re-shining your jump boots, and making sure your ribbons are squared away and look perfect on your uniform. 

You’re ready.

You’re excited. 

But, you’re also kind of nervous. 

You know military balls are a big deal; rich in military history, and tradition. In fact, military balls are thought to date back thousands of years, to the time of the Roman Legions.

A military ball brings together all the personnel from that unit—from the highest ranking officers to the lowest ranking enlisted. For this one magical night, rank is somewhat blurred (not completely of course, but somewhat). This is a time to celebrate all the hard work of the unit; a time to unwind, and gather the unit under one banner. 

Delicious whiskey begins to pour and loosen everyone up, encouraging conversation amongst all those in attendance. 

However, military balls are not frat parties. 

Far from it.

So, while the whiskey may be flowing freely, your military ball is not the place to get too intoxicated and embarrass yourself; as well embarrass your chain of command.

Remember, the highest ranking, most important people in your unit will be in attendance. There will undoubtedly be high ranking guests of honor, spouses, and significant others. In short, your military ball is a great time to relax and socialize, but it’s important to remember your evening. Have some disciple and act like the professional soldier you are.

If you’re date is also attending their first military ball, they’re probably wondering what exactly to wear.

For the ladies think, “dress like a Queen.” 

Words that jump to mind include: eloquent, beautiful, and gorgeous. For this night step into the fantasy of being royalty. This is the perfect time to wear that long, flowing, sparking dress that’s been waiting for the perfect occasion.

For guys attending a military ball think, “James Bond.” 

James Bond is always dressed for adventure, but looks professional as well. While you don’t need to go out and drop $3,000 on an epic Tom Ford suit (like Mr. Bond does), you should definitely wear a shirt and tie...at the least. 

If you’ve been eyeing up that baller 3-piece suit for a while, this is the time to go get it, throw it on, and look awesome. 

One caveat though for the guys; Have you ever seen James Bond in a bright fire-engine red 3-piece suit? Yea, I haven’t either. Dress like the world’s most professional spy; not like you’re trying to make a fashion statement on the red carpet.

Ok, so you’ve gotten the WARNO on the military ball. 

You’re feeling ready. 

The nerves are starting to fade.

What’s next?



What exactly should you drink at your military ball?

This is highly subjective question, and will depend a lot on your preferences, but with the military crowd you can’t go wrong with whiskey.

If you’re a novice whiskey drinker, no problem. Below are the four basic ways to drink whiskey, so you can order the perfect drink for you, without looking like a FNG in front of your peers (or chain of command).

You can drink it neat (no ice).

You can drink it on the rocks (1-2 cubes of ice).

You can drink mixed (cocktail)

Or, you can shoot it (shots). 

Speaking of drinking whiskey, what better way to make an unforgettable evening that attendees will be talking about for years to come than stocking the event with REAL BULLET Whiskey glasses? Or better yet, giving them as gifts to the unit for them to keep forever and share with family and friends, reminiscing on that magical evening they received them. 

**Hint Hint if you are a commanding officer supplying for the event or relative of the ball attendee looking to give a gift to celebrate the occasion!


Now, the only thing left is to show up, unwind, have fun, and enjoy your first military ball! 

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