SNAFU Whiskey Glass
Buy a Unique SNAFU Whiskey Glass.


Standard operating procedure in government is pretty consistent even in the military. This famous acronym explains it clearly and says it all; Situation Normal All F**d U p. We need look no further than today’s news to see just how true this is. This design is simple yet powerful and clear, with a fun graphic to share with your crowd; pick up a whole set and stock your home bar.

 This SNAFU Whiskey Glass includes:

  • Dimensions: 3.125" W x 3.5" H
  • 11 oz capacity
  • Glass made in the USA
  • Light Top Rack Dishwasher Use
  • Individually packaged in a Lucky Shot USA logo box

Please visit our Customer Service page for Glassware Care Instructions.  

Lucky Shot® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance! 

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It’s perfect. It’s great, especially when you hand someone a drink, let them take a sip and then have to explain to them what SNAFU means!

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