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Vietnam Era MK 15 Practice Bomb Bar Table

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Genuine  US Navy Dell Industries Practice Bomb Mk 15 Mod. 4 - 100 lb dimensions-capacity 4.55 Gal. Water-Sand Fill.

The MK-15 was a 100-lb. practice bomb used by the United States Navy and was especially common during Vietnam. The MK-15 is made of welded sheet metal weighing in at 17 pounds when it is empty. The MK-15 would be loaded with 4.55 gallons of water or sand. When filled with water the practice bomb would weigh in at 56 pounds and 95 pounds when filled with sand. The practice bomb stands 41.2 inches tall and 8 inches wide at its largest.

The practice bomb is secured to a black powder coated platform and the tempered glass table top is secured down by bolts through the nose of the practice bomb. The bar table stands approximately 42 inches tall and the table top is 36 inches wide.


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