Gift an Incredible Molon Labe Magnet.

It took one Revolution to get us here. But the Red Coats are still among us. The accents are different. The symbols have changed. The ride of Paul Revere is far back in the rearview mirror.

And yet we still have people in power who do not represent us. We still have taxes that we didn’t ask for. And we still have government trying to grab our guns.

We didn’t get rid of one king just to get another.

 This Molon Labe Magnet features:

  • Great for indoors or outdoor usage
  • Fade-Resistant and Water-Repellent
  • 2.75" x 8.75" Heavy-Duty Rectangular Magnets are UV coated to resist fading and cracking

Designed and Proudly Made in the USA, our heavy duty, quality-made magnets are excellent for indoor or outdoor use. These Molon Labe magnets are UV coated to resist fading and cracking. Not your typical cheapo fridge magnet that can't hold up a piece of paper much less stay on your vehicle.

Click here to read more about our magnet care instructions.

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