Abrams Tank 120mm Ashtray

Get an Amazing Abrams Tank 120mm Ashtray.

Deemed as the “Silver Bullet” by the US Military, Lucky Shot USA brings you the 120MM TANK-ROUND turned ASHTRAY. No man-cave can be complete without the world’s most ambitious ashtray.

Still considered to be the backbone of the United States Armed Forces, the M1A1/A2 Abrams main armament is its M/44 120MM smooth-bore gun, firing a 120MM round. The shell casing of the round disintegrates when fired, leaving the heavy steel expended base of the round.

Using the heavy steal expended base from the actual once-fired round, we have carefully machined, cleaned, sandblasted, polished, and finally clear powder coated preserving the headstamp and illustrating the rounds history; and we bring you an ashtray that will not bow down to any amount of heat; the 120MM Abrams Tank ASHTRAY. The backbone of the Armed Forces can now be the backbone of your man-cave! 

Own a piece of modern day history. At Lucky Shot USA, we give munitions a second chance. All items are made from real once-fired shell casings and resemble live ammunition. We do not recommend bringing this item to airports or other places where live ammunition is not permitted.

Limited quantities available. 

Lucky Shot® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance! 



Customer Reviews

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Dan Ganci
Exactly what I was looking for

Wanted an ashtray from the base plate of a 120mm tank round and that is exactly what I got. Not many places sell this. Other products look great too.

As always, Another amazing piece from Lucky shot.

Just get it. Plain and simple. Everything they make is of the highest quality and with the most detail you can get. I gave this to a friend as a gift and he loved it. Couldn't believe how heavy it was.

David Crooks

As advertised, but even better. I bought this ashtray because I smoke cigars while I throw the ball for my German shepherd, Odin. He takes hostages if I pause or don't play fast enough and he used to grab and run off with my large outdoor marble ashtray as a hostage. He tries and there is no chance he can pick this up with his mouth or dump it over with his paws. Solid and hefty. I love it!

Sydney Gonzales
Best Gift Ever?

I bought this as an anniversary gift for my ex-Army tanker and let me tell you something - he loves it, told me he fell even more in love with me, and has not stopped showing it off to everyone he talks to and anyone who comes over. He did say that it's too nice to use, so I might have to buy a separate ashtray for him to actually use, but if you're on the fence, just do it!!
I will say that FedEx was SUPER slow with delivery, but I called the LuckyShot customer service, and the gal I spoke with was the MOST kind human. She called FedEx, gave them a little boost, and it was delivered within a couple of days!

Very Satisfied, excellent quality

After firing several hundred of these without being able to steal an aft cap. I am delighted to finally have one to show whenever smoking cigars with friends.

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