Made from a genuine once-fired, America made .40 caliber round. Set includes 4 valve stem caps. 

Contains a plastic patented insert to help protect your TPMS sensors against corrosion, road dust, and other possible damage.

Although our products do not contain any active gun powder or primers making them 100% safe for use, they resemble live ammunition; therefore, we do not recommend bringing them to locations where live ammunition is not permitted. Not recommend for use by children 12 years and younger. Because our Shell Casings and Projectiles are made from a once-fired US Military round, they may contain minor blemishes or scratches that are consistent with their history.

Lucky Shot® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance!

Customer Reviews

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Their perfect match my 50cal antenna thanks

Look great

I ordered a set of these and loved them! Apparently someone else did too because they got stolen lol. Ordered a new set right away. They look awesome. Thank you!

As advertised!

The items arrived fairly quickly, were as advertised, and look great on the vehicle.

Shitty Company

Yes, 18 days ago I ordered the ,40 Nickle Caliber Valve Stem Caps . Is that what I recieved after Christmas NO.. I received a set of BRASS stem caps. Which is NOT what I ordered for my son and which does NOT match his car nor his wife's car at all. I was waiting for this gift to come in so that I could send this very special gift to my son for Christmas along with some other gifts as well. He is a Vetaran of the United States Army and has a Youtube channel TAG97 where he reviews any and all firearms. I was truly excited to give this to him as a gift, considering they said that the empty bullet shells come directly from our own military. I could have just went to the local auto store and just bought a set there. When I finally received this gift, it was the wrong ones. So I contacted the company via email right away only to find out that it is NOT monitured by humans and that no one was going to answer me back. I was given details to go to a seperate link on how to "return" the product for a refund, but shipping was not included and a restocking fee might be added as well. It would come out of the refund. I was charged originally $6.00 for shipping and I was charged $12.99 for the Valve caps. You do the math. I have sent 2 emails and still have not received a human responce email back from the company as of yet that they are sorry or to correct the mistake. I eventually made the decission to send them to my son anyway. Hopefully one day he'll be able to use them. I will never order from this company again and when I get the chance will share my experience with this company to every and anybody, especially with the followers, subscribers and patrions on my sons Youtube channel.


These bullet stem valve caps are more than dope! I give a small salute to whoever invented them!!!


I lost one of my valve stems so rather than waste money on the crappy stock ones I got these instead and they’re awesome

Nice Touch!

Yup! Had to pull the trigger on these and the license plate add ons to my lifted Ram 3500, black of course. Love it.

Very Pleased

I've never had custom valve stem covers, but after losing one of the originals I found these & decided to give them a try. I'm glad I did I really like how they look! Shipping was timely & I've had no issues with the covers. I would definitely recommend this purchase I was not disappointed in the least & will likely get some as gifts & for my other vehicles. (I tried to upload a picture but the website would not load it.)

Excellent product

Bought a set for my husband's new truck and I liked them so much I had to buy a set for myself.

Valve stem caps

In the last 3 years we've added so many extras to my sons 2017 Sierra that there's really nothing else to do to it. It's his "ultimate" truck. The valve stem caps were a great add-on. "Practically unnoticeable but very cool" according to my son. Great quality and inexpensive.

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