2nd Amendment Face Mask

Get an Epic 2nd Amendment Face Mask.

Lucky Shot USA's Adjustable Anti-Microbial Face Mask Full Color "2nd Amendment - America's Original Homeland Security - Skulls and Guns" Design

Across America today, liberal and leftist politicians and activists are defunding and demoralizing all of law enforcement. In early America, where law enforcement was rare or nonexistent, the people armed with the Second Amendment became the first line of defense, the original Homeland Security since 1789.

The striking artwork with its weathered appearance serves to enhance this message and makes this mask a great way to show your support for the Second Amendment, and you’re right to bear arms.

The adjustable straps, antibacterial layer, and accommodation for additional filtration in the second layer make this mask among the best available. Get yours today and show the gun-control activists what you think.

This 2nd Amendment Face Mask features:

  • Two layers of protection + filter pocket:
  • Outer layer consists of antimicrobial micro-knit polyester.
  • Inside layer consists of soft, breathable cotton-nylon blend.
  • Inside layer has pocket for insert of coffee or other filter for added protection
  • Adjustable Elastic Bands for a custom fit.
  • One size fits all.
  • Re-useable and machine washable.
  • Killer full color graphics, designed in the USA by Lucky Shot.
  • Non-medical grade, not intended for clinical use.

Customer Reviews

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Lewis Case
A mask that speaks.

Very pleased with the mask. Not only is the design first-rate, the adjustable straps make it very comfortable to wear.

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