75MM Howitzer Tankard

Gift an Incredible 75MM Howitzer Tankard.

What was once fired by a Howitzer can now be used to hold your favorite ice-cold beverage. Our Tankard is made to the exact specifications of a 75MM “M337A2” Howitzer round with a nickel plated, .50 Caliber bullet handle. Our tankard can hold a generous 28 OZ pour and stands 7" tall. 

Machine formed from food grade stainless steel.

**Actual item is engraved with "750MM" due to the ATF deeming the 75MM version "too realistic." Item is actually to scale with a real 75mm shell casing.

Patent Pending.

Although our products do not contain any active gun powder or primers making them 100% safe for use, they resemble live ammunition; therefore, we do not recommend bringing them to locations where live ammunition is not permitted. Not recommend for use by children 12 years and younger. Because our Shell Casings and Projectiles are made from a once-fired US Military round, they may contain minor blemishes or scratches that are consistent with their history.


Lucky Shot® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance! 

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Terri Henry
Gift was a “BLAST”

We purchased the 75mm Howitzer ad a congrats gift for niece in military that received a special award. Wow! She totally loved it said it was an awesome gift. Thank you LS for excellent products! God Bless America!!

Sheila Mcneil
Fantastic retirement gift

Well made, and way cool! The recipient had a huge smile on his face upon opening the package. When asked to describe this tankard, he had one word: awesome!

David B
Hand Held Badassery

I LOVE this tankard. SOLID construction, Excellent fit and finish, it dosen't get any better. I've only owned it for about a month and already it's started about a dozen conversations on my front porch .

Eric Kuczynski


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