Show your American pride with this 12 gauge American Flag Wall Art. Made from 364 genuine spent 12 gauge shells alternating Red, White and Blue colors, and measuring in at 41 inches wide and 24 inches tall. This piece will definitely make a statement!

Hardware attached to the back so it can easily be hung on any wall.  

Lucky Shot® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance! 

Customer Reviews

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Bill Scavezze
Amazing Flag Art

This thing is well built and you can tell they took thier time. The shells look authentic and fired. This is a must for any avid gun guy or girl! Already had friends ask where I got it. Amazing and different look for the greatest flag on this planet!

David Burkhart
Creative take on our Flag

This is the latest addition to my collection of veteran and/or American firms that have created American Flag art, and which adorn my pool house. Each is unique and although only a few individuals have seen this one yet, those who have love it as to I. Incidentally, when I had inadvertently ordered a smaller version, your customer service representative was as cheerful as we was helpful in ensuring I received the size that I wanted. Yours is an excellent company with great products. Well done and thank you!

Choutka Chad

Absolutely amazing. Absolutely worth it. I bought 2. Donating one to a benefit poker run for a Fallin friend

David Osborn
FedEx tried to burn my flag!

I ordered this as a gift so I had it shipped directly to my cousin’s address, I never saw it. But it must be one tough, quality piece. This flag survived 17 days of the worst/slowest FedEx shipping ever! Once the flag got within 200 miles of delivery (coming from Florida to California), it stalled out. It took 4 days to go 100 miles. After spending an additional 5 days at that stop I called FedEx and they delivered it the last 100 miles the next day. I was truly worried it would be in pieces. My cousin told me one of the corners of the box was BURNED when they delivered it! Yes, as in caught on Fire! However that happens!?! Because we figure the fire was put out quickly and because of really good packaging, the Flag was intact! All of the shells are strongly in place. My cousin Loves it! This piece has to be quality to survive 10 plus truck changes in different cities across the U.S. and a damn fire! Lesson learned. If you spend a bit of $ on an item spend a bit more and upgrade the shipping! “Free” FedEx shipping is the worst I’ve ever seen! Lucky Shot should consider adding alternative shipping sources.

Daniel Roth
Awesome Art

Love the 12 gauge flag. Got it hung in my living room yesterday with a light on it. Proud!!!

christina rebhan
12 gauge wall art

This is such a beautiful piece. Great quality with nice frame. Perfect for any one that loves guns or hunting

Jilian Lopez
Love this!

I ordered this as an anniversary gift for my husband who is in the military. It shipped super fast. Once it arrived i opened it up immediately. I was pleasantly suprised by the quality of this product. I ended up giving it to my husband early. He opened it up and he absolutely loved it!. We hung it on our wall and our friends saw it when they came over. They liked it so much they ordered one for their house too.

Shane Fairbrother
craftsmanship was awesome

overall piece looks awesome ! and the craftsmanship was great, although the only thing i might add is a few of the shotgun shells were coming loose towards the middle section which ive had to push back into place.

Sonya Ameen

Love it

Jane Shavlik
The ABSOLUTE best gift

My boyfriend has not served via combat for this county, but he is nothing less than a true USA patriot! Everything about him screams USA, even his birthday (July 4th) He also has a passion for guns.. so naturally when I saw this 12 gauge wall art I knew he'd love to hang this behind the new bar that him and his dad built and installed recently together in the living room. I bought this gift as his Christmas gift instead of getting him the typical girlfriend present (aka a pair of shoes or clothes that will eventually be thrown away/replaced some day). I was super nervous that he wouldn't like this present since it really isn't the typical go-to present (yet).. I took 100 screenshots and learned all about this piece before it arrived (which wasn't any longer than a two weeks, even during the busiest time of the year!!) Saying he loved this present is an understatement It is even better than the pictures, the pictures don't even do it justice! This piece is clearly not put together by machines in a factory.... it is a truly customized piece, which is what I love the most about it! When we hung this piece behind the bar it looked so awesome... so awesome that I have caught my boyfriend staring at it in awe on multiple occasions.. and sometimes I find myself doing the same! I am so happy with this piece and honored to have it hanging in our home for everyone to see. His friends all ask where I got it for him and think I'm the coolest girlfriend for getting him such an amazing gift. My boyfriend requested me not to tell anyone where I get all of these gifts (so he can be the only one with it, ha), but I can't help but to shout LUCKYSHOT USA! And love telling people about the amazing foundations they contribute to!
SO if you are thinking about buying this for your boyfriend, GIRLFIREND, brother, SISTER, dad, MOM, yourself, or whoever! don't think twice! This is a must-have piece! God bless America!

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