Who Needs Health Care When You Have Wine?!

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away! That’s right folks, there are major benefits to drinking a glass of wine a day and here at Lucky Shot we are helping our employees stay healthy with implementing Winning With Wine Wednesdays! Because who doesn’t like the idea of drinking at work?!

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Meet Our Newest Team Member: Jack Ashby, USMC

Meet Our Newest Team Member: Jack Ashby, USMC

Jack AshbyThe Lucky Shot and 2 Monkey Trading family just got a little bigger, and we’re proud to say it’s another U.S. veteran joining our ranks.

Marine Jack Ashby comes on board as an inside sales rep for the wholesale side of our business, 2 Monkey Trading. He'll also specialize in serving Lucky Shot's military customers planning for special occasions like birthday balls and unit events.

"The bottom line is, if it's a military function requiring a dress uniform, I'm here to help," Jack says. "As a Marine, I've attended and been on the planning committee of my share of military balls and formal events. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for those in attendance. I'll help take the stress out of this, as I'm familiar with military regulations and, most importantly, what is appropriate for any given function."

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Jack began his military career in the Marine Corps Reserve with the 6th ESB, Engineer CO A out of Eugene. As part of the reserve he traveled to Alaska to help relocate an Eskimo village and Trinidad and Tobago to build a school for disabled children.

It wasn’t long before Jack was activated, stationed with CLB-6, Engineer CO in Camp Lejeune. From 2011-2012 he served overseas in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Jack’s service eventually brought him back to the states where he finished out his time with the Marines. His next adventure? Jumping back into the civilian workforce.

Jack says his craziest job as a civilian was working as a field service technician for a major satellite TV provider—you know, the guys that come to your house and install the equipment.

“It was the strangest thing, wandering into other people’s houses,” Jack recalls. “People would do and say anything around me, just because I was the cable guy. Extremely wealthy people, people doing illegal stuff and everything in between.”

Thankfully, Jack’s house calls came to an end when he accepted an account manager position with Trail Tech, a motorcycle accessory company. There he honed his sales skills and became an expert at helping customers find exactly what they needed.

We’re glad to say Jack’s next move was to join our team, where he takes up his post helping manage accounts with 2 Monkey.

Welcome, Marine! It’s an honor to count you as part of our operation.

15 Years Later: Remembering September 11

15 Years Later: Remembering September 11

Remembering September 11

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

If you’re like us, you were starting off an ordinary Tuesday. Making your morning coffee. Rushing into the office. For the younger ones among us, maybe even sitting in your second period math class.

And then things changed forever.

While we’ll never forget where we were on that fateful day, we think on this 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, it’s much more important to remember where they are.

The first responders who rushed toward the falling towers, paying the ultimate sacrifice. The children who were just infants at the time of the attack, and are now growing up without a mom or dad. The survivors who are still struggling with scars, both physical and emotional, more than a decade later.

We remember them, and we honor them. We encourage you to do the same.

On Patriot Day this year, please consider giving to one of these deserving organizations:

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund, which has contributed more than $100 million to the dependents of those killed or injured in the attacks.

The New York Community Trust, which has continuously provided legal, financial and revitalization support for people and places affected by the attacks.

FealGood Foundation, which helps to cover medical expenses of emergency responders with health conditions stemming from the attacks.

7 Things To Know Before Attending Your First Military Ball

7 Things To Know Before Attending Your First Military Ball

military ball what to expect

Your first military ball can be nerve-wracking, from the duds you'll don to the etiquette you'll be expected to follow.

We’ve taken the best advice from ladies and gents who've been around the military ball block a time or two, and here's what you should prepare for.


The servicemen and women are going to be dressed to the nines in their uniforms, so you should be looking dapper, too.

Women generally wear gowns that are floor-length or just below the knee. While we love those little cocktail dresses as much as the next guy, save them for a less formal occasion.

For the guys, a dark suit and bowtie or tuxedo are in order. Ties are alright, but make sure it’s simple and leave the wacky designs at home.


For the ladies, stay away from loud colors and patterns. This isn't the time to make your fashion choice the center of attention.

Go with a color that compliments your date’s uniform. Think classy but minimal; red, black and white are safe bets that'll look great. 


It might be tempting to let loose, but pace yourself during the cocktail hour and throughout the rest of the ball. Save the boozing and shenanigans for the after-party, when many attendees move on to a local bar.

Getting sloppy isn't a good look for you or your date when brass and command are nearby. Treat it like a work event.


Long story short, this is a traditional meet-and-greet with the guest of honor and higher brass. It’s bad form not to go through it.


There’s nothing wrong with dancing, but this is a military ball, so save the raunchy stuff for the nightclub or your buddy’s wedding.

Keep it classy and appropriate. Drinking in moderation will help you keep from breaking this rule.


Depending on the ball, there will be a bunch of traditions and formal ceremonies to sit through, and they’re not necessarily short.

It’s best to use the restroom before it all gets underway so you don't have to be that guy ducking out while someone's on stage.


Don't fret over the whole thing too much. The ball is meant to be enjoyable. 

It’s a unique and awesome experience that not everyone gets to attend, so have fun with it!

Did you know Lucky Shot offers guaranteed lowest pricing on military ball souvenirs? Shop our selection of military ball gifts here, or call us at 407-985-3966 x.102 and we'll cook up something special just for your event.