Maybe you’re the kind who likes to take your time with your 100 proof, sipping it, rather than throwing it back. If so, this .308 whiskey glass is the perfect accent to your favorite drink. Handmade with a real .308 bullet embedded in the side, it definitely sends a clear message about who you are, while you enjoy sipping a nicely chilled drink of your personal favorite

The bullets used to make these glasses have been specially produced without any lead or powder residue, so they are perfectly safe to drink from. But only you know that. To everyone else… Well, let’s just say that James Bond isn’t going to have anything on you. When you set this glass on the bar, it will make a real statement.

  • Dimensions: 3.5” tall and 2.75” in diameter
  • Hand embedded with a genuine, lead-free, solid copper .308 bullet.
  • Bullets manufactured from pure copper from Lehigh Defense in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 10 oz capacity
  • Handwash only.
  • Glass imported
  • Assembled in the USA

Please visit our Customer Service page for Glassware Care Instructions.

Lucky Shot® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance!


Customer Reviews

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BenShot vs. LuckyShot

I debated between buying BenShot brand and LuckyShot brand for bullet glasses for my coworkers. I have previously ordered through BenShot and was extremely happy with my purchase; however, I ended up deciding to give LuckyShot a chance as their custom etching price was less than that of BenShot. The LuckyShot glasses are slightly smaller (10oz vs 11oz) and are skinnier/taller than the BenShot brand glasses. The BenShot brand glasses seem to be a heavier and sturdier glass, but I was still satisfied with the quality of the LuckyShot glass. The only real complaints I have with the LuckyShot glasses are when it comes to the etching and their customer service (or lack there of). I paid an additional $10 per glass for custom etching. The order form allows for you to have up to three lines of custom etching. There is a spot for you to select what, if anything, you would like for each available line. I selected to have last names on line 1 and a number on line 2. As you can see from the attached picture, the etching was all done on one line. If they aren't going to complete the etching as requested then why even give you the option?? I was also disappointed in the size of the etching as it appeared to be smaller than the examples shown online. I attempted to reach out to their customer service three weeks ago... the only response I received was an auto generated e-mail stating that they would create a support ticket. I have yet to receive any real response in regards to my custom etching not being completed as ordered. I paid $70 total for custom etching, as I bought 7 glasses, and am disappointed to have paid so much for the order to not turn out correctly. It's not a complete deal breaker which is why I'm still giving them four stars, but it was definitely disappointing. If you're wanting custom etching, my suggestion would be to skip it and find somewhere local that can do the etching for you and hopefully it will turn out correctly.

Sniper gift

The team really liked the quality of the sniper whiskey glass.

That "Perfect" shot ?

When hunting doesn't always lead to getting....this glass brings you something that can't miss. It can share a favorite libation as well as good stories about favorite times in the field and the "that not so accurate" shot. Now we need something with that splattered pellet when shooting upland birds!


I ordered this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it is absolutely perfect and he loved it!

<p>Thank you for this kind photo review Rachel. Cheers!</p>


Excellent quality. Inscribed with company logo, purchased for Christmas stocking stuffers for my friends who appreciate the finer things.

Thank you so much for the kind words Johnnie. The glass looks great! Cheers!

Very Special Present

We love our 2 Lucky Shot glasses and use them whenever guests come. What do get for a classmate after 50 school reunions? A LuckyShot personalized with his initials. We saw it, loved it, wrapped it and taking it to Vegas for another reunion. Mahalo!

Great gift

Bought this for my fiancé’s birthday. He’s always been a whiskey drinker and these were perfect for his style. The ability for personalization just kicked the quality up a notch. Well worth the price.

Love this Adorable bullet tumbler

I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift he loves his Jack Daniels and I thought this would be a cute gift and it is, I never saw anything like this before and now all my friends want to buy one it’s so unique . Also it came in the cutest gift box .

I love it

Didn't take long to get it in the mail.

interesting conversation piece

love this glass as do all of my friends that have seen it. get many nice compliments and comments on it ~cheers~

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