.308 Real Bullet Handmade Shot Glass


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Tried and tested to be no ordinary shot glass. Embedded with a REAL .308 bullet. All the proof you'll ever need is stuck right in the glass. You'll feel bulletproof when you're throwing back 100 proof. So, get your bottoms up and take your best shot with Lucky Shot USA! 

Our products are 100% authentic, including the bullets. They do not contain gunpowder or lead residue, making them 100% safe to drink from. Because our products resemble live ammunition, we do not recommend bringing our products where live ammunition is not permitted (i.e. schools, airports, government/federal buildings, etc.). Not dishwasher safe. Please hand wash only. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews
Super cool

The shot glass arrived quickly and was even more than I expected!!!! It’s great and I’ll be ordering more!!!!


Brother in law loved it !! GREAT !!!!!

They love em!

I order a shot glass for my fiancé for our anniversary. While I was ordering a dear friend was sitting with me and asked if I could get him one too so he can match his best friend. Ended up making two seperate orders for myself, but they both came in not too far apart from each other. These glasses are awesome. They loved the engraving of their initials and the quality, outstanding. They had to take a shot to make sure there weren't any defects ;-) It was a great gift! I will definitely be getting more!

Loved them!

Received two of these glasses and loved them. However, one was defective (a little chip by the bullet)....I mention this only to emphasize how great their customer service/satisfaction is. There was absolutely no question. The customer rep told me to keep the defective one and that she was sending out a replacement immediately. That one came just as quickly as the first, but this time it was the wrong glass....skull instead of plain. YET AGAIN, they assured me that I will be getting the one I ordered very soon, and when I receive it I should send the skull back. WONDERFUL SERVICE....I will DEFINITELY be buying from them again....probably the same shot glass as it is so neat and so very different. Keep up the good work folks!


My boyfriend loved it! Well designed and sturdy. Would definitely recommend for a gift!

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