Symptoms: an aching head, dragging body and the general inclination to punch everyone that speaks to you in the face. Diagnosis: a case of the Mondays. Prescription: our Headshot Decanter Glass Set. A Lucky Shot Exclusive, the ‘Headshot’ Decanter set, featuring four molded skull whiskey glasses, hand embedded with genuine, lead free .308 bullets and a 25 oz molded, skull decanter, hand embedded with a genuine, lead free .50 BMG bullet. Gift boxed and ready for action.

Included in Gift Set:

  • 1 x 25 oz Skull Decanter 
  • 4 x 10 oz Skull Whiskey Glasses
  • Black Lucky Shot Gift Box 
 This product resembles live ammunition, therefore, bringing our products where live ammunition may not be permitted (i.e. schools, airports, government/federal buildings, etc.) is not recommended. Lucky Shot is a registered trademark of 2 Monkey Trading, LLC. This listing and its products, descriptions, images and trade names are the intellectual property of 2 Monkey Trading, LLC and may not be utilized (by others) individually or as a listing unless authorized in writing from 2 Monkey Trading, LLC.  Glass made in China, genuine bullet made in the USA, assembled in the USA.

Lucky Shot USA® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
What a cool set!

I was looking for something unique and it is! The glass is heavy and seems very durable. I look forward to years of use and cconversation with this set.

Glass & decanter set

I’m happy with my purchase from lucky shot.. the glass & decanter set shipped & arrived fast. I am looking forward to many years of good use from this set as well as the conversations sparked over such a glass & decanter set while enjoying fine spirits

Great well made set

I am currently enjoying my new set thank you


Received my order in great shape, very well packed and the box the items were in are fantastic!!! Never have to worry about something arriving broken!
Did I mentioned how great the product looked and the quality is A+++
I would order from Lucky Shot in a heartbeat!!!
Thanks again for a quality product......

Great glasses and holder

Love them!!!!!

Eched glass

Nice work on glass..but yes rim has some issues.but it was a gift so keeping it..

I love them!!

they are freaking gorgeous and so heavy duty!!

Return shipment

Hello, unfortunately the product was damage upon delivery, I had to wait for you to mail out a return label. I have received the label and returned the product I am currently waiting for verification via e-mail that you received the product and credited my credit card at this time I plan to purchase a different product with lucky shot....Thank you....Bernie Banovski

The Skulls have it!

I am loving my Skull decanter set! It fits in well in my glass faced liquor cabinet! I've gotten many compliments on it.

Disclaimer - It was a gift.

Now, the negative reviews claimed that the edges of the glasses were rough so that was the first thing I asked. Smooth. Are they warped? Lopsided? Nope, they're well formed. Does the decanter cap fit tight enough that the smell o' booze stay inside the skull? Yup. Do the bullets wiggle in their settings? Nope.
So basically everything that matters (besides looking cool) was reported to me as top notch by the recipient.

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