Looking for a conversation piece for your home bar? Introducing the most badass decanter: the .50 Caliber Bullet Glass decanter. This one-of-a-kind piece makes a great gift for scotch, whiskey and bourbon drinkers. Constructed of thick and durable glass, it has a genuine .50 caliber bullet, hand embedded on the side of the decanter, setting it apart from other normal decanters.
  • Dimensions: 9' tall and 3.6 " in diameter
  • Embedded with a genuine .50 caliber BMG projectile
  • Bullets manufactured from pure copper from Lehigh Defense in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Holds a 25 oz pour
  • Handwash only.
  • Glass imported
  • Assembled in the USA

Although our products do not contain any active gun powder or primers making them 100% safe for use, they resemble live ammunition; therefore, we do not recommend bringing them to locations where live ammunition is not permitted. Not recommend for use by children 12 years and younger. Because our Shell Casings and Projectiles are made from a once-fired US Military round, they may contain minor blemishes or scratches that are consistent with their history.

Lucky Shot USA® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Truly an American Legend

this is an amazing fine product. I purchased it as a gift for my wife's boss. He's a great guy and deserved only the best. And this is truly the best it's an American legend newly made. I find myself jealous I think I need this set as well two glasses and a decanter. That's how the cancer supposed to be decanter two glasses shared between two friends. I highly recommend this product finally made and would make anyone jealous who saw it and didn't have one.

Perfect 750 pour

Looks great and is filled with my favorite!

Christmas gift

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He really loved it. He is a gun guy so I knew he would love it. He took pictures of it and posted it on Instagram and he also loves to show it off to anyone that comes to our house.

Great present!

We bought this decanter along with two glasses with the .308 bullet in them. My dad loves it!!!! Filled it up with his favorite whiskey Christmas Day!

Nice Gift

Bought this is a gift for somebody else. Very nice workmanship
and it was well received.

Beautiful workmanship

This decanter lived up to my expectations and more! The quality and workmanship is second to none!

Perfect Gift for my Husband

My Husband loves the .50 Caliber Bullet Decanter and matching glasses. What took it up a notch was the Second Amendment inscription. The only problem he has is deciding what he should fill it up with!

Christmas gift giver

I gave 3 of these away for Christmas gifts, they were of high quality and good reviews back from the receivers of them

Perfect gift

This gift was a no brainer for a former Army Ranger that collects guns. He loved it!

My husband loves it

A perfect Christmas gift for my husband. He is excited to use it!

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