.308 Real Bullet HANDMADE Wine Glass with Corkscrew Gift Set

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We brought you the Shot Glass that continues to defy all odds...but we didn't stop there.   We have taken "Bulletproof" to a new level and we are proud to bring  you the world's most epic wine glass gift set!

You will receive 4 of our bullet proof .308 Real Bullet Handmade Wine Glasses as well as our 50 Caliber Bullet Corkscrew presented in linen box with foam protection interior and to top it off a gold stamped Lucky Shot USA logo.

Handmade stemless wine glass embedded with a REAL .308 caliber bullet, this wine glass accommodates a generous 15oz pour; making it the only wine glass you will ever need.

 This .308 Real Bullet Wine Glass is embedded with a REAL ..308 Cal bullet and is not dishwasher safe, please hand wash only. Our products are considered safe for use and are 100% authentic, including the bullets. These products may contain minor blemishes or scratches but are considered to be consistent with their history. Please note, this glass is not bullet nor shatter proof, and because they resemble live ammunition, we do not recommend bringing our products where live ammunition may not be permitted (i.e. schools, airports, government/federal buildings, etc.).

Lucky Shot USA® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Really nice...

Well done. gave as a gift and he really liked it

Excellent Quality

This is a Christmas Gift. It is made of excellent quality and packaged nicely

Love The Glasses

The glasses are well made and definitely a novelty item, undoubtedly will spur some interesting comments. The gift is perfect for our friend who is an avid gun expert.

Cool glasses

Pretty cool glasses and the corkscrew is legit. Got them as a gift for someone going to see if they will let me test out the bullet proof side of them hahah

Awesome gift!

Great glasses, sure to be a conversation starter! Can’t wait to gift them!

Awesome Gift

I bought this for some friends as a gift and was very happy with the quality.

Excellent Unique Gift

We were so excited for our son to get this gift in the mail for his birthday! Upon receiving, he immediately texted us expressing his pleasure with this high quality, unique gift. He said it is one of the best gifts for him ! Great conversation piece!!!

Wine glass/corkscrew gift set

These gift sets are very well done and quite the attention getters. Based on the reaction of the friends of the set we gave for Christmas I'd say that they were well received also.

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