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Swirl and sip in style with the wine glass that's a little bit of class... and a whole lot of badass! With a genuine .308 projectile embedded in the side, our stemless Bullet Wine Glass is expertly handcrafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, whether that's a rich Bordeaux or a round of target practice.

When requesting to have your glass etched with personalized text, please be sure to select an etching type, a font, and “How Many” you wish to have etched using the drop-down option box. If you do not select a quantity, then zero (0) items will have etching and you will not be charged an etching fee.

If you request a quantity for etching that is higher than the number of applicable products you add to your cart, your etching may go unprocessed and/or your order canceled.  All etching requests must accompany an applicable product.   

Please note that we are unable to etch emoji’s, special characters, accent marks, and we are unable to Etch text left in the "Order Notes" section at checkout. In order for the Etching to attach to your order, your text must be entered in the text drop-down  boxon the product page.      

Our products are considered safe for use and are 100% authentic, including the bullets. These products may contain minor blemishes or scratches but are considered to be consistent with their history. Please note, this glass is not bullet nor shatterproof, and because they resemble live ammunition, we do not recommend bringing our products where live ammunition may not be permitted (i.e. schools, airports, government/federal buildings, etc.).

Lucky Shot USA® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance!  

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