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    Based on 4557 reviews
    Just perfect

    Perfect fit to my car

    Vet father's day gift

    My husband loved his father's day gift! Perfect gift from his kids! Excellent quality!


    Husband loved his Father's Day gift! Nicely made and shipped quickly.

    Coffee cup review

    I ordered this cup for my dad and had it engraved with the Marine Corps emblem. He loved it, thanks Lucky Shot.

    A little more subtle than the .308

    I use my glasses to drink gin rather than whiskey, and I like to use solid stainless steel cooling "cartridges" rather than ice, which dilutes the liquor. The .308 version of this glass has a very prominent indentation, one I thought might break as my "cartridges" rattle around. The .45 glass is a perfect alternative, with a much subtler profile, and, since my favorite pistol is a .45, it is still appropriate. Very nice product.

    25 MM Bushmaster beer tap

    This is an awesome beer tap for my kegerator. The 25mm holds special memories for me and this is a great reminder. Definitely a conversation piece.

    Love it!

    We just bought this amazing bullet flag for our cabin and just love it! Very well made and having it engraved was awesome!

    Creative take on our Flag

    This is the latest addition to my collection of veteran and/or American firms that have created American Flag art, and which adorn my pool house. Each is unique and although only a few individuals have seen this one yet, those who have love it as to I. Incidentally, when I had inadvertently ordered a smaller version, your customer service representative was as cheerful as we was helpful in ensuring I received the size that I wanted. Yours is an excellent company with great products. Well done and thank you!

    Great glasses and holder

    Love them!!!!!

    Unique glasses!

    Love it. Friends are impressed by these "bullet-infused" glasses. I use them mostly for "Bulleit Bourbon"...!!

    Proud owner of twins!

    I purchased a pair of lucky shots for my husband for Father’s Day. I liked them so much I couldn’t wait till Father’s Day to give them to him. Every time he offers someone at drink, he has to show off the twins. He loves his lucky shots!

    Love my 308 glasses

    Got the pair of 308 glasses and I love them. They shipped fast and arrived safely. I reload and also shoot often, so of course I love these. Great conversation pieces when you’re sipping whiskey with the fellas. I wish it was a little wider so I could fit my fat ice cube but that’s ok, I just use the ice ball. If you’re thinking about ordering some, go ahead and treat yourself!

    Sweet Bottle Opener

    Watch your guests’ eye widen when you pop the top off their beer with a 50 cal round! The opener arrived pristine like ammo on range day. Never fails to open a bottled beverage. Looks even cooler after being handled a few times. Get one ASAP

    His & here beer taps!

    I work A-10s, hubs works F-16s, so I bought him these beer taps for our anniversary. I can’t help but laugh when I see the 20 mm (pew pew!!) next to my 30 mm BRRRRRT!

    A delightfully unique table centerpiece...

    I had ordered the other bar set (with the Ammo box) and I liked this set so much I had to order it as well.
    Admittedly, the shell/flask doesn't hold enough booze for a full round of shots, but that's not the point:
    This set just looks bad ass and awesome, and I needed it in my home simply because.
    Thanks Lucky Shot!


    very nice and fast...my son who is in the military loved it very much, unfortunately not old enough to drink yet, but will use these glasses when he can drink.

    20MM Vulcan Collectors Cannon Round

    I am very happy with my purchases. I think they look awesome.

    Birthday Present

    I ordered this for my sons birthday,it got here super fast and was way nicer than I had anticipated.
    I give these folks a big thumbs up.

    Shot and Beer

    What could be better

    50 Cal. Bottle Opener

    I love it. I will probably order a another one as a display, on my Tequila bar shelf. This on is getting some use already. Ever think about adding a magnet to it???

    Love this Adorable bullet tumbler

    I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift he loves his Jack Daniels and I thought this would be a cute gift and it is, I never saw anything like this before and now all my friends want to buy one it’s so unique . Also it came in the cutest gift box .

    20mm Bottle Opener

    As a former Tomcat AO this was a must purchase item and has already become a conversation starter.

    I love it

    Didn't take long to get it in the mail.

    Heavily badass

    This was an amazing purchase. I’m a big smoker and cigars have been taking over, so naturally this ashtray is nice for my stogies. It’s big and deep and it’s pretty heavy for an ashtray, and that’s just how I like it. Seriously a great buy, nice conversation piece and if you don’t really dump out the tray enough and hate an ashtray that overflows, this is the one for you


    Great bottle opener! Very well made, feels great in your hand and opens bottles effortlessly. Great buy!