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It looks absolutely Amazing!!!!

Lifetime piece here and overall and amazing company to work with from start to finish. They were very detailed and attentive to any of the concerns during the design and production of the table. They got me a round that's even rarer than the 155mm howitzer round and I cannot say enough just how impressed I am with this table. Lucky shot is world class in every way. I will never part with this table and I don't know any other company in the world that could make something so unique as they did here! The staff are absolutely amazing and always got back to any of my concerns in a timely matter. The owner of the company oversaw the whole process from beginning to end and it really made me feel like I was working with someone who valued their work at the highest and most meticulous levels of expectation possible.

Great shot

I haven’t used mine yet. However, my husband had a collection already and I’ve used his. I liked his so much that I bought two for myself. And since I liked Val Kilmer so much in Tombstone, I decided to go for the “I’m your huckleberry “ printed ones. I love them and waiting on a special occasion to used them. Which is my 55th birthday October 23.

best shot glass

if you are a patriotic American then you need this shot glass

Great Tap Handle

Fantastic addition to my man room. Looks great and works great!

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

One of my cousins is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. He accidentally shot himself cleaning his .22 one day. Of course, he was very embarrassed, and of course, we had to kid him about it! Anyway, Lucky Shot has these whiskey glasses with a bullet in them. They also will add etching if you want. So I added the words “check chamber before cleaning” to the glasses, and sent them to everyone, including my cousin who was injured. Then we all took selfies of us toasting him with our special whiskey glasses and texted them to him. It really helped make what could have been a pretty serious situation a little fun!

Shot glass

I have a couple that I had bought in the past. Broke one so needed a replacement. Happy with one exception. The new glasses do not have “Lucky Shot” on the bottom, which was just a bit disappointing.

.308 Bullet Whiskey Glass
Stephanie Weigel

He loved it!

Bell is as described. Font is legible and evenly spaced. Seems to be holding up well happy with purchase.

Awesome Product

This is not only a cool patriotic product that shows where you stand in life. It also is of great quality and craftsmanship.

.50 Caliber Bullet Glass Decanter
Stephen Wilson
Great purchase

It looks great, it’s easy to fill and easy to pour

.308 bottle opener

They meet my expectations but one of them came with 2 dents, I want you change it for me. Let me know the procedure, addreess,etc

Love these A-10 shot shots

I ordered 4 of these 30MM A-10 Warthog Shot "Glasses" - 2 Red and 2 Black. They look amazing, quality is top notch, and chill quickly in the freezer for cold shots. They are SOLID and heavy duty, as you'd expect from an expended A-10 cartridge. As an AF Vet with lots of buddies who flew the A-10, I'm spreading the news of these, and without exception, everyone says "COOL!! I'm gonna get some!".

A great gift for my military hubby

My husband wasn't able to be home for Christmas this year so my kids and I put together an epic gift box for him complete with 2 pint glasses from Lucky Shot. My husband loves the pint glasses! He likes how the bullet is like a 'handle' making it easier for him to hold on to his glass. I already recommended these glasses to my friends and will definitely purchase from Lucky Shot again in the future. But maybe next time I'll move our laundry before taking a picture. =)

“Love” Bourbon glass

Just “Love” it fits in just perfectly

Don’t tread on me

Great glass. Came exactly as I hoped it would. Nice addition

Great valve stem caps.

Look great and match my license plate fasteners. Highly recommended.

Great bullet shot glass.

Bought one for myself & one as a gift.Love them ,& highly recommend them as gifts.

Another excellent made in America product

Product speaks for itself, see picture below. Another excellent made in America product by Lucky Shot.

Close second

Not as cool as your 30mm shot glasses, but I had to have one. I bought 8 and gave the other seven away, people love them. It looks good on the bar.


She loved them!!!!

Another great product

A great addition to the bar. I ordered 8 of these, kept one gave the others away. The design, quote, and crossed revolvers are awesome. The 30mm shot glasses will always be Lucky Shot's best product, but this is unique.

Love Love Love!

I absolutely love this item. Got them engraved for the hubby and this is now his go-to for tequila shots!

A-10 Shot Glass: Hefty and cool!

As a former military guy I appreciate the shell casings. The finish looks very nice and the engraving is clean. I got a red and black. Unfortunately they’re a gift and I have to give them away lol. Go get one or five for yourself.

Killer Gift Set

Killer gift set! Nice value with additional swag. Top customer service got my gifts to me on time. Works well with egg nog and whiskey!

bought as a gift

This product was perfect for a gift to a friend. He was a firefighter, also serves in the military, and is a mechanic. I was able to write out all his occupations on the back with the 3 extra line. It was exactly what i wanted and very happy with the out come. He was so shocked and loves it.