25MM Bushmaster Bullet Bottle Opener in Olive Drab

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The 25MM Bullet Bottle Opener in Olive Drab! Made from a real, demilitarized, F-35 GAU-22 round has taken bullet bottle openers to a new level. This impressive bottle opener stands 8.5 inches tall, the biggest and baddest bottle opener around!

Fired by the F-35 fighter plane that is known for its enhanced lethality and survivability in hostile environments with the ability to fire a massive number of precision striking 25MM rounds from a four-barrel Gatling gun embedded in the F-35A’s left wing, making the 25MM bottle opener a great conversation piece.

Please Note: engraving be added for an additional $7 per bottle opener. We can engrave 1 line of text up to 25 characters including spaces, all fonts, except for Script, will be done in all caps. Script will be done with the first letter of each word capitalized. We cannot engrave special symbols (e.g. hearts, stars, etc.). 

The steel shell casing used to make your bottle opener is an authentic once-fired by and procured from the US Military and may contain minor blemishes or scratches consistent with their history. Because our products resemble live ammunition, we do not recommend bringing them to airports or to other locations where live ammunition is not permitted. Our products do not contain gunpowder or an active primer and are considered 100% safe for use. 

Lucky Shot USA® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance!

Lucky Shot is a Registered Trademark of 2 Monkey Trading, LLC. Bottle Opener design is a registered trade dress of Caliber Corporation. Products are manufactured by Bullets2Bandages under license by Caliber Corporation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome product and great company

Had a little mix up on my order, but they took care of it right away and can’t be more happier with the product. Awesome conversation piece too! Thank you Luckyshot USA!

Great product

Looks great and work's great! Brings me back to the day's that I was a gunner on a Bradley. Also a great conversation starter.

Great gift

A great gift idea, especially with personalized titles.

These are serious.

Got one made for each of my groomsmen. Everyone thought they were missiles. They don't really use them as bottle openers - more of a mantel/desk/conversation starter. These puppies definitely open bottles, but mostly from intimidation. Highly recommended. I wish i would have got one for myself.

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