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Vietnam Era 155mm Anti-Tank M741 Cargo Shell Table

Genuine 155mm M741 Remote Anti-Armour Munition (RAAM) Cargo Shell. 

This fully refurbished projectile bar table stands approximately 23 inches tall with a 36 inch diameter pencil edge 1/2 inch tempered glass table top. The tempered glass table top is secured by a genuine demilitarized time fuse that matches the history of the projectile. This table also features an adjustable black powder coated foot rest. 

Cargo shells are used to deliver submunitions to a target. The shells deliver their load when a time fuze sets off a charge expelling the mines from the rear of the projectile over the target. There are 9 mines per 155mm projectile. The projectile stands 34 inches tall and 6 inches wide at the largest part of the base.

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