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Lynne's Nonsense: The Family Behind the Bullets...

Lynne's Nonsense: The Family Behind the Bullets...

Hi Everyone! This week, on Lynne's Nonesene,  I wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to my family. Each one of us plays and important roll at Lucky Shot USA and it's time to put the faces to the names! 

Left to right, first there’s our beautiful daughter Brooke.  She is our Retail Operations Manager, and oversees multiple sides to our daily systems and flow.  She’s 24 years old and does a fantastic job! 

Then there’s myself, I'm the Vice President of the company and I work with all departments to ensure quality control, fulfillment, marketing, and any and all other areas of our business is working smoothly.

Next to me is my husband Doug, we recently celebrated our 25th   wedding anniversary. Boy does time fly! He IS the main brains of our operation. He is also the love of my life and my best friend.  He still makes me giggle….

There’s our handsome son, Ray! He is turning 30 this year! He works for our wholesale division managing many of the manufacturing process that occur on a daily basis.  He makes sure shit gets done.😄

Next to Ray, is our newest addition, his beautiful wife of 2 years, Anilu. She is currently working in our sales department as a Sales Administrator.  She does an excellent job. 

We all love working together and spending time together.  We enjoy doing family activities like water sports and occasionally will vacation together. I’m very blessed to have this gang in my life.  If you were wondering this photo was taken this past Easter while we were enjoying Easter brunch. 

So enough about my family I will be introducing you soon to a few folks around the office that work hard on our team. That will be coming soon.  Enjoy your Thursday!